Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year! Obviously, we have been neglecting this blog a bit....My excuse is the same as everyone else’s excuse of being busy. In all honesty, Kidder has been crazy busy, to the extent that for most of November and December I feel like I barely laid eyes on him. Because he didn’t have much time for articles and writing, I didn’t feel the pressure to take my turn. Pathetic excuse, I know, but now that he has made a few posts, I feel like it is my turn to contribute.

On that note, it is now January 5th, 2012. I feel like 2011 was a really crappy year. As many of you know, my actions caused us to go through a really rough patch this year. As New Years Eve approached, I found myself avoiding making any plans. Most years, we have a party to host or at the very least attend. This year, however, I kept thinking, I want New Years Eve to be COMPLETELY different because then maybe this year will be completely different. It is funny how we try to change little things in the hopes of causing big changes as a result. With that goal in mind, we had a relatively low key New Years Eve celebration. I invited only Lorax and FKS to join us for the evening. I was hoping to recreate our regular Saturday nights from years past. It had seemed like forever to me since we just hung out playing board games. That is exactly what we did. We had a nice dinner with the kids and played some board games.

In the spirit of the new year, I did make everyone join me around the fireplace as, in my goal to start 2012 in a different way, I thought it would be nice to start a new tradition that would stick with us for the year. I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions (because I always break them) but I asked everyone to share something they hoped to learn or do in 2012. I was met with mixed levels of enthusiasm... some of the group acted like I wanted them to pull off their fingernails with a pliers and others were full of ideas! I thought for my blog post I would share with you a bit of what we came up with.

Jade: I want to expand my knowledge of photography and how to take great pictures with my camera. I look forward to the opportunity to try, fail, and learn.

Rex: I want to make a Zombie movie with my cousins this summer and I want to plan spy missions on my iPod Touch and carry them out in my yard this summer.

LadyBug: I want to go to Disney World and the Mall of America. I want to learn how to read chapter books.

Kidder: I want to learn the beginning stages of philanthropy and the non-profit industry. I would also like to build a three person app development team to develop new software.

Kidder: I would like to read a book and do research about how to be a board member of a small or large private companies.

FKS: I want to go on more vacations. Top two choices: Seattle, WA and Germany (The Alps).

Lorax: I want to build a wall in my condo to separate off a mud room.

Jade: I want to make my craft room beautiful so I feel creative when I am in it. Most specifically I want to get rid of the disgusting stained, painted on, spilled on white carpet and beige tile.

Kidder: I want to finish my hobbit hole (aka beach front guest house).

Rex: I want to invite all my friends over this summer and spend the whole day wake boarding.

Jade: In light of Rex’ goals, I want to learn how to dock the boat in the boat lift so Kidder is not required for all boat related activities.

As I gathered everyones goals and ideas, I wrote them down and told them of my plans to make them look pretty so I could display them for us all to remember throughout the year. With this new tradition completed, it was time to watch the ball drop. We counted down and tucked the kids in. Then it was off to the hot tub for the grown-ups. As usual pleasant inappropriate conversation was enjoyed by all. By now, it was VERY late so our next event was movie time/sleep with the projector on. We worked our way into the theater, and as we did, we heard a Prince song playing on the iPod. Despite my best intentions of having a New Years Eve celebration that was nothing like last years’, you can’t help but dance to a Prince song. So dance is exactly what we did. Although the crowd was a little smaller than last year and the collective experiences of the group were different than the collective experiences of the group from last year, all four of us danced. Naked. With the door locked, of course.

Even though our night ended with a naked dance party just like New Years Eve 2011, (albeit with fewer people than last years), I didn’t feel like I jinxed myself to have another year like 2011. I ended the night telling Kidder that my primary goal of 2012 was to have a good year, specifically, with him. I am hopeful that will happen and can’t help but smile at the fact that at the Kaper Kompound, you can always count on naked dancing.

Wishing you all the best in 2012!

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