Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is is Lube or is it Semen? - STR8CAM Lube Review

Slippery when wet!
Str8Cam lube is the like semen in a bottle

And yes, this is the first publicly 
released photo of Kidder's cock!
If you use lube and think semen is the best lube ever, then Str8cam is for you. This hybrid silicon/water-based lube is simply amazing. It looks and feels just like freshly ejaculated spunk. It is very slippery and stays wet like silicon-based lubricant but feels more like a gel-based lube. In most every possibly way it feels and behaves just like semen. It has no flavor which sounds good at first until you go down expecting a tasty creampie but instead lick up a nothing-flavored goo. 
Str8cam is condom safe and feels wonderful for everything from vaginal intercourse, to anal play and even hand-jobs. Squirt some on your vulva and you’ll you’ll look and feel like you’ve been the target of an over excited lover’s premature carpet-bombing. Squirt some inside and both you and your parter will both swear that you are partaking in a sloppy-seconds session. Use it with a toy be amazed by the realism this lube can bring to a masturbation session.
STR8cam Lube comes in a convenient 2 oz travel size for $5, an 8 oz bedside pump bottle for $14.50, and even a $70 half gallon and $100 full gallon bottle for all of you who’ve got to pull off the ultimate bukkake fantasy. Don’t let the cheesy packaging fool you, this lube is amazing!

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