Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Does Jade Do For Fun?

Many of you following this blog, know a little bit about me, but you also know that there are not many identifying personal details that I share. One of my favorite hobbies is scrap-booking. I love browsing the scrap-booking stores, I love taking pictures, and I LOVE my two scrap-booking weekends with friends that I get to take each year.

One of the first contacts I received after we set up this blog was from MyMemories.Com. They offered me their digital scrap-booking software for free, along with a copy to give away to a contest winner. Now, I have never been a big fan of digital scrap-booking. It often looks great, but some of the things I love about this hobby are browsing the stores for paper, embellishments, etc., spending weekends out of town with my girlfriends gossiping while we work on our albums, and getting my hands dirty with glue, markers, glitter, and sticker residue. But I also love reading the magazines filled with layout ideas, tips, and techniques. Reading these magazines, I have found several digital layouts that I would love to use as inspiration. The problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, which is what many of the layouts in the magazines are using.

I have accepted the free download from MyMemories.Com in the hopes that I could at least simulate some of the digital layouts that have impressed me. I downloaded it a couple of days ago and have begun playing around with it. So far it seems to be easy to use and it has several options within the initial software package. Browsing their website, I found A LOT of add-ons of digital papers and digital embellishments that I am already coveting. They have requested that I do a review of the software within two weeks. I am a technology idiot, so I don’t know that I can promise that I will be ready to give a fair review in that time frame, but I am interested in further exploring this software.

Right now, I am hoping for a little input on what I should do for a contest to award this software to someone reading this blog. Certainly, if you are familiar with this software, I will take any tips/tricks/hints to increase the speed of my learning curve. In the mean time, I will continue playing with it. One thing they have asked me to do is to post some of the pages I create with it. Most of my pictures are of my children, and I am just not willing to share those in this type of public forum, so I have to work on creating pages with photos I love that don’t include the people I love. I will keep working on that while I anxiously await some ideas from someone who knows more than I do!


  1. It is easy to block out faces of photos before you post the sheet. As for a contest, and I'm just thinking out loud, but in all the scrapbooks I've seen, I've yet to see anyone make a decent page of erotic photos. I know I asked you to make me a book of your Desire shoot and you could add our additional party phun as well. Wait! CONTEST. Right.
    "Stay on target..."

    How about we need an audience so the first reader to post a link to on 4 other sites, forums, blogs, groups etc, gets the software?

  2. Kidder: perhaps, but I'd suggest not the "first" reader, but perhaps randomly select one of the group of readers that post backlinks to Or perhaps you could do a guest post contest - best guest post gets the software?

  3. As the software is used for scrapbooking how about the best scrapbook page created about kidder and jade based on publicly available knowledge?

  4. I love aussiexile's idea! Fantastic.

  5. Erotic scrapbooking sounds FANTASTIC! I'm not sure we have enough pictures to get a full album yet, but we could certainly do a few pages. Might be a good excuse to keep the camera handy too ;)