Monday, September 12, 2011


Aussiexile had the most brilliant suggestion for our contest to give away the scrap-booking software from The suggestion is to create a scrap-book page of Kidder and me using only publicly available information. So there it is! Email me a pdf of what you create at

Check out the website of the company at They offer digital scrap-booking software that allows you to create and develop photo books and cards that they can print or that you can print yourself. The software package has a lot of paper, layout and embellishment choices and the site offers tons of add-ons to expand your collection.

So, good luck and we are anxiously awaiting your clever submissions!

Contest contestants must submit by October 10th, 2011. The winner will be selected and given their prize on October 27th, 2011.


  1. Here are a few things I can say about this software at this point...

    It is fast! You can add photo's, text, embellishments, scroll through paper choices, etc. very quickly. I really have not encountered the dreaded spinning wheel that says the computer is thinking.

    There are multiple levels of "undo." So you can move stuff around, etc. and hit undo many times to get back to where you started.

    There are photo effects that you can add to your photo's right in the software. I am used to iPhoto, but this has many more options.

    There are a variety of ways to share your creations, for example, the software walked me through turning my page into a jpeg so I could post it with this blog post, and it was really easy.

    That is what I know so far.... I am liking it!

  2. Hey guys, I'm pleased I could be of assistance to such wonderful people. I'd love to enter your contest but I'm not much of a scrap-booking fan, I'm more of a Kaper fan :P.

    Love the work guys and I can't wait to read more

  3. Heh...I had suggested this to my fiancee as she is a master at scrapbooking, but not sure if software based scrapbooking would be considered blasphemy to the scrapbooking gods or not...

  4. yes, it is blasphemy. Nothing beats "hand-scrapbooking" Now if you offered Cricut cartridges as a prize, that'd be another story completely....

  5. There are scrapbooking gods? Maybe that is why I've never been able to get going with it. Is there an appropriate scrappy sacrifice required? I have the album and some of the doodahs and sparkly bits but I can't seem to get them to go together with my photos in a pleasing fashion. It is much trickier than I thought it would be.

    Maybe digital might be a nice gentle way to ease myself into things. I like the idea of multiple levels of undo :)

    Kaper scavenger hunt, here I come!


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  7. Sexy Momma,
    I am also a fan of the cricut cartridges, but no one has offered them up for us to give away. I have to say I have not previously tried digital scrap booking, but because MyMemories.Com sent me the software, I tried it out.
    What I like about it so far is the many options for editing and altering your photo's to do some of the cool tricks you see in the layouts featured in places like Creating Keepsakes, etc. Not to mention the fact that the software is on my laptop so I can take it with me and do a little scrapping when I am waiting for kids at sporting events etc, so I don't get so far behind on my pictures! I recommend checking them out!

  8. Lust and Confused, I think digital scrap booking would be the perfect way to ease yourself into scrap booking without having to load up on all sorts of gear and paper that you have to find a place to store at home and the multiple levels of undo are a fantastic feature! Give it a try! For me, it is one of my very favorite hobbies:)