Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kidder's Trojan Omelet - for those who like it wet!

I stumbled upon the idea for this recipe because Jade loves over-medium eggs and she also loves omelets. Mastering the perfect technique for her fried eggs was no easy undertaking. The goal is to provide her with two eggs where all of the egg white is completely cooked, but the yolks maintain their liquid molten yellow goodness. Kidder's Trojan Omelet blends what she loves about omelets while allowing her wet yolks perfect for dipping toast.
2 Eggs, cheese, veggies (we prefer peppers, spinach and scallions.
1. TIP! When cracking your eggs, use a butcher knife to score the egg. It makes the edges nice and smooth so that you can separate the yolk without tearing it.
2. Separate one yolk and put it aside for later.
3. Wash and prep your veggies.
4. Chop veggies as desired.
5. Salt and season veggies to preferred taste.
6. Whip eggs to even consistency.
7. Optionally, add a splash of soy milk. It changes the density of the omelet.
8. Set burner to low temp.
9. Evenly oil pan.
10. Pour egg mix into pan.
11. Rotate pan so that eggs creep up on the side. This will give your omelet a flakey edge.
12. Evenly distribute veggies and cheese on top leaving a small, yolk-shaped void in the middle.
13. Allow to cook until the  edges can be peeled off the side of the pan.
14. Carefully place the separated yolk in the center.
15. Fold edges of the omelet.
16. Once folded, flip omelet upside down and continue to allow to cook until yolk warms.
17. Carefully slide omelet out of pan onto plate.
18. Serve and enjoy.


  1. This such a great idea, Thanks and keep up the great work Kidder

  2. I love eggs, will definitely try this!

  3. One of these days I have to sit down and learn all of these terms you guys have for egg done-ness and cooking styles. We seem to just cook them over here, it is so dull in comparison!

    These looks delish! Loving the recipe idea :)